Who We Are

Maryland House Detox (MHD) is a drug and alcohol detox facility in Linthicum, Maryland, located centrally between the adjacent metropolitan areas of Washington DC, Annapolis, and Baltimore, Maryland.

As Maryland’s premier and only free-standing detox facility in the state, we serve as a vital entry point into the addiction treatment system.

The services offered at MHD are provided to adults that are 18 or older. Services include a clinical evaluation, are individual and specific to your needs, and will generally last five to seven days.

Summary: Check out our detox and residential treatment facility in Linthicum, MD.

Maryland Detox Facility Details

When you detox at MHD, you won’t be stuck in a stuffy hospital setting. Instead, you will find a relaxing environment designed to maximize comfort and promote healing. The medical and clinical staff bring cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in the industry to provide and facilitate a comfortable detox for you. We are eager to assist you at such a difficult time as this and are ready to help you start healing today.

Maryland is also suffering through the opioid epidemic that is devastating the nation. Because of this, some people may not have access to on-demand addiction solutions. At Maryland House Detox, our goal is to provide an avenue to escape the oppressive grasp of addiction. Our facility, conveniently located between Baltimore and Washington D.C., provides an intimate setting that serves as a gateway for addicts looking to get on the road to recovery.

Maryland House Detox is a free-standing detox center with a warm and intimate atmosphere, modern decor, and comfortable living spaces. Interiors were designed with your comfort and safety in mind. There are numerous windows to allow the maximum amount of natural light to enter each room. You’ll also be able to enjoy stunning views of the lush outdoor landscaping with its flowering greenery, meditation garden with a soothing water feature, and a walking labyrinth trail.

In the dining room, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy an excellent local menu along with nutritional snacks and veggie smoothies, supporting and optimizing renewed health and wellness. As you connect with others who are undergoing detox along with you, our staff will strive to provide a comfortable environment and healing experience as you break the chemical dependency caused by physical addictions.