Bath Salts Withdrawal

Synthetic cathinones, most commonly known as “bath salts” are strong stimulants that have very dangerous side effects. These man-made cathinones are sold in the black market which are variants of existing drugs. Bath salts are strong stimulants and are chemically similar to amphetamines. Other names used for this drug are Pond Scum Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Hagigat, Insect Repellant, Bliss, and others.

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Not treating withdrawal symptoms can have a near permanent effect on your body for quite some time. Because this synthetic drug carries a slew of chemical compounds, users who quit are in dire need of medical detox. Detox they will rid their bodies of various toxins that exist in them.

Fighting Addiction Yourself is Difficult. Let Our Experts Help!

Fighting Addiction Yourself is Difficult. Let Our Experts Help!


How Bath Salts Affect the Brain

Throughout recent years, bath salts have garnered a variety of media attention due to the effects they have on users. Many registered side effects appear to be heavily focused on psychiatric and neurological. These can range from agitation, hysteria, and confusion.

It has been noticed that some people who take them have found themselves becoming violent and aggressive towards their surroundings and bystanders. Some people who have struggled from bath salts addiction are isolated from reality.

Many people have hallucinated with an array of impossible scenarios that only exist in their cathinone-riddled minds.

Cathinones induces accelerated heartbeat which in turn causes a rise in body temperature. In these instances, the user may seek to remove their clothes to withstand the heat.

As mentioned before, hallucinations are quite common. People may begin to hear voices in their heads, usually very negative, seeing or perceiving things that don’t exist.  This brings about a circle of behaviors that can have adverse effects for anyone involved in the usage of bath salts. While there are a variety of bath salts, some of its effects are compared to those of cocaine. Similar to the initial thrill cocaine users get when first consuming, acquiring mephedrone has a similar result. Users require more and more of it to find pleasure. This is the cause of more consumption over time, which can lead to dire withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal from Bath Salts

In an animal study, rats were shown to compulsively self-administer synthetic cathinones. This is a clear demonstration of its high addicting nature. People have found an intense urge to also acquire the drug over and over again. When ceasing intake, withdrawal symptoms kick in, which will ensure an unpleasant experience.

Common symptoms include:


This common symptom is present with users acting out in ways they never imagined they would. People may experience episodes where they can see dead bodies, haunting demons or hear awful voices in their heads, demanding absurd things. The victim may fear for their life and in doing so will react in rage or self-defense against others or even themselves.


The victim can find themselves feeling like they can’t function in the real world and will resort to isolation. They may neglect food, sleep, and social interactions.


Because of their depressed state, people who take them may find themselves unable to sleep. Their minds can be occupied with very dark thoughts, and they lose the ability to fall asleep.

Bath Salts Withdrawal Timeline

It’s difficult to lay out an exact time frame for bath salts withdrawal symptoms. Everybody is different, and these manifestations can occur after just a couple of days of quitting cold turkey and can be prolonged for months. There are two things to keep in mind.

Factor #1: Prolonged Usage

The period of usage is a good indicator of how strong and how long these symptoms will last. Many people have found that using bath salts for a while has lifted their mood and provided them with more energy than they originally had.

This feeling is the initial kicker for some people, which in turn makes them continue using bath salts.

Through this dependence, users having a difficult time with withdrawal. Extended periods of use may exceed to months of noticeable withdrawal symptoms.

Factor #2: Dosage Levels

One gram a day is a typical amount of bath salts for users. But, if given the opportunity some may pump that number higher. Intake of synthetic drugs in large amounts can really send anyone off the deep end. The high volume of this crystal or powdery substance will also extend withdrawal symptoms from a few months to longer periods.

Targeting a specific period of time of active withdrawal symptoms is difficult. But it is safe to conclude that:

  1. Noticeable symptoms will occur within the first 48 hours of quitting.
  2. These symptoms will begin to increase after the first week.
  3. Varying on the dosage levels and time of use, withdrawal symptoms can surpass two months of strong psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms.

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Effective Withdrawal Treatments


The most effective way to get rid of any toxins from the body is by undergoing a medical detox. Detox consists of using a perfect balance of chemical substances, administered accurately by professional doctors. The detox process will help the patient with the withdrawal process with the least amount of harshness and negative setbacks if left alone.

Each drug addiction will have different forms of withdrawal phases in them. This is why every detox treatment will be different for each patient. Many times withdrawal periods can exhibit uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms. Bath salts are known to show various harsh symptoms like this in nature.

The medications used by detox treatments are all approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These drugs are used to target addiction effects and/or to mitigate the strong symptoms.


In today’s world, many people have various options when it comes to treating drug addiction. There are traditional residential treatments where those who are affected stay for a 30 to 90 day period in order to assure successful treatment.

Other programs such as outpatient programs will only require the patient to check in regularly for their custom treatment. It’s in this variety of choices that better fit into the person’s day-to-day life.

There is no way of denying that without proper medical supervision and treatment; undergoing these stressful withdrawal symptoms will always be a negative experience. There is a huge percentage of people who struggle with addiction who find it hard to quit and when they do (cold turkey), they relapse.

Professional facilities such as the Maryland House Detox are experienced and aim proper treatment so patients don’t have to undergo withdrawal alone and in agony.

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