Darvocet Withdrawal

Darvocet is a synthetic opioid that was developed to treat pain. The main ingredient in it that’s used to attack pain in the body is called methadone, which poses serious effects for people who become addicted to it. This compound is dangerous enough that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned and pulled it off the market. For this reason, many black market sellers have found new ways of distributing it across the United States.

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The mixture of opioid propoxyphene and acetaminophen works in conjunction to block pain signals from going into the brain. This feeling causes sedation and a sense of ease in the user’s body. The highly addictive drug was in circulation for years until its official removal in 2010.

Many who have used or continue to use Darvocet illegally resort to crushing it and snorting it through the nose, so it enters their system quicker to obtain a more powerful effect. These pills aren’t as potent as other prescription opioids, but taken in excess will cause heavy addiction, dependence, and awful withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction is hard, but recovery doesn’t have to be. Let us do the work, request a call now!

Addiction is hard, but recovery doesn’t have to be. Let us do the work, request a call now!

What Are The Darvocet Withdrawal Symptoms?

Withdrawal symptoms share similarities from person to person. However certain factors should be taken into consideration when considering the effect of withdrawal symptoms.


How long has the person been taking Darvocet?

Many instances, time is a significant factor that will determine the severity of withdrawal symptoms. If a person has been taking Darvocet for more than a year, they will experience strong withdrawal symptoms. The longer someone takes it, the harsher the withdrawal will be.

This is due to the toxins left by the drug polluting the user’s body. Excessive intake will often produce side effects that stick to the body’s routine. When someone decides to quit cold turkey, things can take a turn for the worse.


How much Darvocet has the person been taking?

One pill a day cannot be compared to several pills a day. Many times, addiction forms after dependency takes root in the mind. The user will believe they need and must take more of this drug to obtain the same results as before.

This causes severe damage to the brain receptors and only strengthens addiction. The stronger the drug dependency, the more the drug is taken, and sometimes with other drugs to obtain a satisfying effect.


How are they taking it?

Inhaling Darvocet has a stronger effect on the brain. People who are addicted to this medication may mix and alter the substances with other chemical compounds. Combining it with alcohol, for example, can activate high levels of sedation for the user.

These sedatives are used with other opioids, marijuana or over-the-counter painkillers. Darvocet withdrawal symptoms may worsen if this is the case. More so if these practices have continued over a long period. Every time someone takes Darvocet with other drugs, he or she becomes addicted to the other drugs, too.


Psychological Issues

Some people who struggle with addiction also experience mental instability, which prompts them to use opioids. Physical addiction, as well as psychological rewiring, can have detrimental results if not treated properly. The mental chemistry that a person has can be helpful in determining how they will react to any given stimulant or physical situation. 

Keeping these factors in mind, below are the typical symptoms that come with the withdrawal of Darvocet. This typically includes:

  • Nausea
  • Tremors
  • Muscle pain
  • Bone pain
  • Mood swings
  • Severe shaking
  • Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Drowsiness
  • Runny nose

What Are the Stages in The Darvocet Withdrawal Timeline?

As previously stated, the different factors that should be taken into consideration when talking about symptoms also apply for withdrawal timelines. In this case, Darvocet can show more or less severe signs during various periods of time.

In certain instances, people may find that these symptoms have vanished after just a few days or weeks. It is safe to say that initial symptoms will arise 12 – 15 hours after quitting cold turkey. These initial signs of withdrawal are usually sweating, nausea, headaches and muscle pains.

This critical stage is typically a returning point for many users of Darvocet who quit without treatment.

Darvocet can cause mental dependence; therefore these symptoms will prevail for quite some time. This is usually the worst symptom of quitting abruptly. It’s hard to say how long they persist as a generic estimate, but this could last a few weeks, to a couple of months, or more.

During this stage, relapse is possible.

A medical detox program is highly recommended to avoid a relapse of drug use.

Why Should I Detox?

Many specialists will agree that medical detox is the most important step to finding a balanced recovery. There are a set of procedures that take place in order to fully help the patient. These approaches involve both medical support, such as interventions and supervision. Therapy can also be used to ease the psychological factors initiated by addiction.

Other procedures include getting rid of the drug’s toxins from the patient’s body. Strong dependence on a certain substance can have dire consequences in the future. For this reason, many people in recovery find it easy to relapse. Without supervised medical care and substance removal, a full recovery is not guaranteed.

Detox sessions are meant to ease the withdrawal symptoms with a mixture of medications that better respond to the body. The medical supervision team aims to improve the life of every patient by adjusting their needs and solution to customer care.

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What Is the Next Treatment Step?

There are various treatment programs out there that can fit anyone. For severe cases, residential or in-house treatments serve those people that need 24-hour staff. This is an option to live in the facility for 30, 60, 90 days or more. The benefit of these treatments is that the patient will always be well attended, their custom treatment will be strictly monitored, and any problems that may arise will be solved on the spot.

For people who don’t need strong supervision, they may find it useful to enroll in outpatient programs. These programs differ in levels of care and deal with less-severe cases. Although the person won’t be in the facilities 24/7, the effectiveness of the treatment is still the same. The client or patient visits the facility as established by the medical team every week on a scheduled routine. The person heads home when each session is completed.

Other treatments include relapse prevention and behavioral therapy. Maryland House Detox offers a wide variety of solutions for anyone who has an addiction. Proper treatment in an established facility results in a balanced future. Fear, shame, embarrassment, and a lack of knowledge about addiction treatments are the root causes of most relapse cases.

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